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Agriculture is an industry where quality definitely matters. Responsible for growing the crops and raising many of the animals we eat, it is important that the agriculture industry maintains high standards at all times and utilises only the very best, most appropriate equipment. Agricultural oils are one of the things we definitely need to be aware of, and for those who work in the field, using oils that have been specifically developed and approved for agricultural use definitely makes sense.Agricultural oils can be used for quite a few different purposes. One of the most obvious examples is engine oil; farm machinery such as tractors and harvesters need to be properly lubricated to keep the parts in good working order while still being appropriate for use in the circumstances. Hydraulic and transmission oils are also frequently used for agricultural purposes. If you are using agricultural oils, one of the most crucial things to consider is how they oil will be stored before use; there are various regulations that need to be followed for safety reasons – especially if you are making use of fuel oil – and so it’s worth being aware of them. For instance, if you are utilising fuel oil in your agricultural work, it needs to be stored in a container that is impermeable to oil, and if you are using it in large quantities, the container often needs to be kept in a second, significantly larger container.

One of the main reasons to use agricultural oils rather than standard grade oils for lubricating farm machinery is that the oils have been especially selected for the job. This means that those who use them can typically enjoy enhanced performance from their oils as a result. Ideally, you should be looking for engine and related oils that are fluid at low temperatures but that are still able to give excellent protection when machinery is operating at high temperatures, as can often be the case in the industry.Since the cleanliness of agricultural machinery is also very important, it’s worth looking for specific agricultural oils as they should have been developed with this in mind, as well as working to reduce general wear and tear on the machinery. It is important that you choose high quality oils that have been treated so there is no risk of them causing corrosion or oxidation, or of them foaming after they have been applied.

You also need to make sure your agricultural oils are suitable to be used in situations where heavy loads and a significant amount of stress needs to be taken care of, as well as in a range of temperatures. Oils that have good anti-wear properties can help to extend the life of the agricultural machinery and help to keep it in good working order.When you consider how much of agriculture is about getting the timing of events right and how important the machinery is to the smooth running of the industry, it certainly helps us to understand just how important the role that agricultural oils have to play.

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Agricultural EquipmentIntroductionAgriculture has been around since prehistoric times then became one of today’s most important key factors that affect the global economy. During the early days when people newly diverted from hunting to harvesting crops, they probably were farming with their bare hands due to the lack of equipment. With the technological advancement such as transportation which paved the way for the agricultural products to be transported around the world resulting to increase in demand, agricultural machinery and techniques have been developed in order to be more production and cost efficient.DevelopmentSo what exactly is agriculture? It is cultivation of crops or animals that are eaten or used for other purposes to sustain life. Agriculture, which can also be referred to as farming, was a key factor in the development of human civilizations. In the olden times, almost every member of a family worked on the farm and they are required to work intensively due to the lack of technology. Farming products to be harvested were only sufficient enough for the family to sustain. Initially, farmers would use cattle to plough the land and plant seeds by hand. As steam powered engines were invented, they replaced horses or cattle that were used for pulling farming equipment and thus increasing efficiency.

As technologies developed, farmers bought new faming equipment to cut cost and increase productivity. Today, there are agricultural equipment for every type of farming in any climate and these machineries are continuing to develop.Types of Agricultural EquipmentModern technology allows farmer to harvest larger acres of land. The most common and oldest agricultural machinery used in harvesting crops on a fertile soil is a tractor. In its initial stages, a tractor was used for simple operations such as ploughing, pulling equipment on the fertile soil to flatten it for farming, and even planting of seeds. As more sophisticated technology develops, tractors are now able to perform activities that previously they could not. Some tractors now come with GPS systems installed in them to guide the user. Also, some have auto steer functions that help the farmer in saving fuel and cutting costs. Many other equipment have been developed that can be attached to a tractor to aid the different processes of farming.Before, tractors were the only machine used in the harvesting of crops. Now they have been replaced with combines that harvest crops such as wheat, oat, barley or corn. The name of these machines is derived from the fact that they combine three harvesting processes of reaping, threshing and winnowing into a single process. Combines have also developed throughout as now they come with auto steer laser guided systems and air-conditioned cabins.Modern day farming has advanced so much that in places such as Singapore, where there is not a lot of available space for farming, farmers have adopted hydroponics. This method involves the cultivation of crops such as lettuce in a controlled environment without the use of soil. Nutrients and other minerals are provided to the crops through controlled technological systems. The benefit of such form of agriculture is that farmers can cultivate large quantities of crops in a limited space. This is similar to farming fishes, chickens or other animals in a controlled environment.

Animal farms have also gone through great advancement and used sophisticated technology to get high volume of output while involving low input. For example, cattle farms can be milked at the same time with the use of machines. This practice results to rise in efficiency and decrease in labor cost. Because of the advantages of agricultural equipment, many farmers now prefer to use machineries to aid their farming procedures.